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Business Development | Marketing And Project Manager

Strategic Innovator: Driving Business Growth Through Marketing and Project Management

Establish Relationship Management with prospective Customers and Prospects.
  1. ⁠⁠Routine follow-up with Potential Clients to generate more business.
  2. ⁠Communicating and Promoting the product specifications to the clients and creating a good customer base.
  3. ⁠Coordinate with the technical team and Analyst team to ensure an accurate understanding of the Project scope, effort estimation, and technology to be proposed.
  4. ⁠Take daily Demo meetings with Potential Clients to provide more clarity to the Client.

Ever since I joined Sales, I’ve found immense joy not just in selling but in establishing a high level of comfort with clients, earning their trust along the way. I thrive on delving into customer’s requirements and providing effective resolutions, creating scale, and optimizing product portfolios that truly matter. Currently, I serve as the Digital Marketing Manager and Business Development professional at Blocvibe Technologies, where I bring my wealth of experience to the forefront.

Throughout my career, I’ve held executive positions, gaining insights into my capabilities:

  • Crafting and executing strategies to optimize sales is second nature to me.
  • Breaking down complex challenges into actionable steps, ensuring optimal Sales Production.
  • Excelling at executing big ideas within given constraints, diving deep into sales methodologies, and exploring new opportunities.
  • My strength lies in building robust customer relationships based on trust and reliability:
  • Setting clear expectations for customers is a priority, ensuring their seamless onboarding.
  • Consistent follow-up and relationship-building are key components of my approach.
  • After-sales support is not just a service; it’s a commitment to being a reliable partner in their success.
  • Beyond the professional realm, I’m passionate about meeting new people and exchanging perspectives. Reach out if you’re interested in discussing emerging trends in Sales, Customer Success, or even soccer.

Professional Skills:

Digital Marketing | Business Development | Product Management | Customer Success | Team Development | Market and Pricing Analysis | Strategic Planning | Product Development | Building Roadmaps | B2B Success | Customer Service | After Sales | Training and Development.

Domain Knowledge:

IT and Data | Live Chat Selling and Support | Small Business Software | Social Media Marketing | B2C | B2B | Deregulation Law | Hauling Mandate (US & Canada) | CRM | Digital Appearance | POS | Kiosk Selling | SEO.

Software Proficiency:

Salesforce | Salesloft | Okta | Atlassian | Jira Tickets | Confluence | Xactly Corp | Figma | Gong | RingDNA | Pathlight | Genesys | Pipedrive | Aheeva | Klenty | Microsoft 365 | Rock | Slack | Hubspot | PandaDoc | DocuSign | Zoom | Calendly | Confluence | ZoomInfo.

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